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Her Stem Story



Feb 1, 2019

Gender equality needs both genders to work together. I am grateful for the men who pushed me to pursue STEM and excel at STEM. From my father, my thesis professor, men who hired me, men who promoted me to my husband who supports all my career goals. There are some amazing men who are supporting and promoting girls to join STEM. I wanted to interview some of my favorite MEN IN STEM to learn about them and what they think both genders can do to effectively close the gender gap. 


Our guest today is Brian Ballantyne, is a Diversity & Inclusion expert at a Fortune 500 company, he is also the board member of Women in Digital Empowerment ( As a speaker, he passionately promotes equality in STEM. He is also the author of Confessions of a Working Father, which initiated from his Linkedin #confessionsofaworkingfather. Let's talk to Brian to learn more about how he thinks we can close the gender gap in STEM.