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Her Stem Story



May 9, 2021


From engineering to manufacturing to R&D and all the way to becoming a strategic marketing professional, our guest today Paula Garcia Todd has manuvered her career in STEM very carefully and efficiently. In this interview, we will get to know Paula's STEM story and her best advice on how to strategically manuever your own career in STEM.

Amongst many things, Paula is an AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador, a mom of 3, a STEM education advocate and a community trailblazer. Join us for this amazing conversation and learn how to curate your own path in STEM & beyond.

In this episode we discussed:

1. Paula's STEM story
2. How she got her first promotion in STEM
3. How she authentically pursued her curiosity and ambition in her career
4. How she got into STEM advocacy
5. Her best advice to help you believe in your brilliance and STEM & beyond

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