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Her Stem Story



Nov 9, 2023

After over 14 months of hiatus..


On National STEM Day, I am excited to bring back..


The show that helped me find my life's mission.


Her STEM Story IS BACK!!


And our first guest is Jayshree Seth.


Chief Science Advocate and Corporate Scientist at 3M.

With a 30-year award-winning career in STEM.


She holds 80 patents.

Author of 3 books.

Featured in a docuseries.

TEDx Speaker.


Jayshree is challenging stereotypes.

Leading conversations for change.

Sharing her story to inspire others.


In this interview, we dig deep...

Discuss her engineering roots.

Her journey to the US.

How she went from working on Diamonds to Diapers.

How she found her purpose in STEM every step of the way.

What she thinks women need to do to thrive in STEM.


Listen now to the entire conversation on YouTube.


Repost so more STEM women can learn from Jayshree's STEM Story.


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