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Her Stem Story



Feb 12, 2020

Our guests today is a couple that found love in STEM. Brianne Martin & Fernando A Ceballos P.E are 2 engineers who met while serving the STEM community.

Brianne has a BS Mechanical Engineer from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (after transferring from Marquette University 1000 miles away from home) & is on the leadership team of a community non-profit. 

Fernando has a BS Civil Engineer - Texas A&M University (College Station), Professional Engineer. As 2 of the few Latinx Engineers, The Engineering Couple share about life, growth, and career through personal, professional, & leadership development.


In this episode they both share honest, vulnerable, and triumphant accounts about their lives, work, and the impact they've made through their community leadership and ventures.

We discuss:

1) What they both do for a living?

2) How they met during a STEM event?

3) How to be a supportive partner and be successful in STEM?

4) The ups and downs of being a couple in a high demanding career.

Listen Now to celebrate this amazing couple and their STEM Love story!



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