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Her Stem Story



Feb 19, 2020

Our guest today is, Anastasia Kraft, CEO and co-founder of Xena Workwear. When Ana moved to the US from Germany, she worked as a project management consultant in construction, manufacturing and event planning projects. While she LOVED working  in the manufacturing environment, there was one aspect Ana truly hated: her bulky and manly steel toe boots that made it impossible to dress professionally. After years of frustration she decided to solve this issue by designing and manufacturing fashionable steel-toe footwear for women so that they can finally dress like the professionals they are!

Listen now to hear Ana's inspiring STEM Story.

In this episode we discuss:

1. How Ana got interested in engineering?

2. How she transitioned into a career in project management and then into entrepreneurship?

3. The origin story of Xena Workwear and how it's bridging the gender gap in Manufacturing. 

4. How she thinks we can bridge the gap in STEM professions?