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Her Stem Story



Sep 26, 2018


This is our second episode of our Wonder Women in STEM- Mini-Series. In this series, we are interviewing speakers from our upcoming virtual conference, that will be taking place on Oct 20th & 21st. Sign up NOW for this FREE event here.

Our guest today moved to Canada in 8th grade. Roopali Chaudhary a former Postdoctoral Fellow in Immunology studying the immune memory formation in food allergies. She is currently working as a Sessional Lecturer at McMaster University, where she teaches Advanced Cell Biology. In addition to research, she also spends time engaging in youth outreach. She started a grassroots organization called Lotus STEMM, which is a networking and leadership platform for South Asian women in STEMM fields. Additionally, she owns a custom cake business with a passion for science-themed cakes. Listen now to Roopali's international STEM Story.