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Her Stem Story



Oct 17, 2018

Western Worlds Podcast
Centre’s Outreach Program
This is the final episode of our Wonder Women in STEM- Mini-Series. In this series, we are interviewing speakers from our upcoming virtual conference, that will be taking place on Oct 20th & 21st. Sign up NOW for this FREE event here.
Our guest today is Dr. Parshati Patel. She has a PhD in Astronomy and Planetary Science and Exploration. Parshati Patel manages the Public Education and Outreach Program at Western University. Parshati is a co-host on a space-themed podcast called "Western Worlds". She conducts numerous workshops in classrooms, talks to the public about various topics of Space and has developed a space-themed summer camp for kids. She is a very engaged Science communicator and Women in STEM advocate. Let's talk to Parshati to learn more about her SPACE Themed  STEM Story.