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Her Stem Story



Jul 24, 2019

Hosted By: Katherine Hatcher.
Our guest today is Stephanie Edwards Compton from @steph.sci.access on Instagram and PhD student in Cellular and Molecular Nutrition at Virginia Tech. Stephanie has been creating wonderful content on Instagram, sharing her tips and tricks for improving accessibility in science. Recently, Stephanie started a "nutrition basics" series, where she shares evidence-based content about the nuts and bolts of nutrition, including topics such as vitamins, calories, and metabolism. Stephanie also shares content related to body positivity, self-love, and mental health.
In this episode we will discuss:
1) Stephanie's academic and personal journey into her current PhD position
2) Why she got involved in the accessible technologies office at Virginia Tech
3) Why Stephanie started @steph.sci.access on Instagram
4) How to be an advocate for accessibility
5) Tools for making science communication more accessible, especial through social media
You can find Katherine, this week's host at: