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Her Stem Story



Jul 10, 2019

Our guest today is "The Fairy God Mother of SciCommers", Christine Liu. Christine is the co-founder of Two-Photon Art, a science-art online store and the founder of The STEM Squad, an online community to support and promote people who identify with a historically marginalized gender.  

Currently a 5th year PhD candidate at UC Berkeley in Neuroscience. Christine graduated with a Biology and Psychology double major from the University of Oregon in 2014. Her organizations and outreach work focuses on promoting Science and scientists. With her work, she issues micro-grants, creates resources and artfully promotes inclusion in STEM across her 15k plus social media following. Listen to Christine's amazing STEM story.

In this episode we discuss:

1) Christine's experiences of growing up as a first-generation immigrant in America.

2) How she paid for school and found a way to make STEM accessible for herself through budgeting and planning?

3) How she's using her love for art to advocate that science is for everyone?

4) How does she think we all can make STEM inclusive?

5) Finally, how is she using her platform to advocate and amplify for marginalized voices?