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Her Stem Story



Dec 10, 2023

Meet Irina Stanescu, ex-Google, ex-Uber, engineering leader and coach. In this episode, she will share her STEM Story, how she learned to lead with influence, and how you can do the same in 2024.

We will be discussing:
- Irina's STEM Story
- How she became an engineering leader and coach
- What is influence and how to...

Nov 9, 2023

After over 14 months of hiatus..


On National STEM Day, I am excited to bring back..


The show that helped me find my life's mission.


Her STEM Story IS BACK!!


And our first guest is Jayshree Seth.


Chief Science Advocate and Corporate Scientist at 3M.

With a 30-year award-winning career in STEM.


She holds 80...