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Her Stem Story



May 23, 2021

Trigger warning: This episode contains discussions on self harm and suicide if this is triggering please avoid tuning in.


You are not born with confidence. Confidence is a muscle and if you work on it you can build it up! In this episode, we are talking to Janelle Lynnae, Founder of Next Level Confident, a keynote speaker, confidence coach and a podcaster. Jenelle helps self-conscious women become self- assured. 

With her coaching business and her company she started this movement to help women overcome their limitations, become clear on their purpose & take the risks necessary to live a life they are proud of.

Listen now to learn how you can build your confidence muscle too!

In this conversation we discuss:

Janelle's story and struggles. 

What confidence is NOT?

How to rewire your brian with affirmations?

How to uncover your deepest limiting beliefs?

My favorite technique to start building your confidence.

My suggestions on how to continue to be more confident in STEM & beyond.

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