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Her Stem Story



Jul 31, 2019

Our guest today is Gigi Kreibich, an organic chemistry researcher from the University of Minnesota. Gigi has learned to navigate her research career while living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and a recent diagnosis of hypophosphatasia. Balancing her life as both the researcher and the patient, Gigi has learned to pursue her passions and tap into her natural skills to achieve her goals. 
Gigi shares her journey on how she found her current lab, the work she does at Minnesota, and her undergraduate work. She also shares what support systems have been the most beneficial to her, and what she feels is an important aspect of accessibility in science. Gigi also shares her work with a non-profit, open-source genetic research group that aims to identify novel treatments and mutations for rare diseases. Tune in to listen to Gigi's inspiring STEM story, where she tells us about her research, her support networks, and how she is navigating her life as a young researcher.
In this episode we will discuss:
1) Gigi's current role as an organic chemistry researcher
2) How cosplay landed her a job
3) Why video games are part of her support network
4) What she thinks are some of the most important ways to support accessible STEM
5) Her work at a non-profit genetic research group
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